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What exactly does finance for social good look like?

             Walk with me as I take this journey of discovery, hopefully, we will figure what role you and I CAN and SHOULD play.

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[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Inclusion” icon=”fa fa-graduation-cap” icon_color=”#5ab5a3″ image=”118″ image_width=”150″ image_height=”150″]What financial products and services are available in the market? Are they useful to the consumer? Are they sustainable and affordable? Are they being offered responsibly?[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Literacy” icon=”” icon_color=”#ce6859″ image=”119″ image_width=”150″ image_height=”150″]Do the consumers of financial products understand the basics of personal and business financial management? Are they aware of their rights as consumers? Do they understand the workings of the financial sector?[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Technology” icon=”fa fa-modx” icon_color=”#5a9bc5″ image=”115″ image_width=”150″ image_height=”150″]How is technology disrupting the finance world? Can financial technology be used for social good? We look at the good, the bad and, the ugly of fintech disruption.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” heading=”Policy” icon=”fa fa-shopping-basket” icon_color=”#8e669a” image=”116″ image_width=”150″ image_height=”150″]Does existing public policy promote financial inclusion? What policies regulate financial technology? Are policymakers ready for the disruption of financial technology?[/vcex_icon_box]