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Managing Yourself In The Digital Age

Managing yourself in the digital age

I read the essay Managing oneself by management guru Peter Drucker some time back. The idea of managing the second half of your life was a key take away for me, especially because there are a couple of things I would like to make sure I do career-wise before I die. Drucker emphasized the need to start to develop what he called a parallel career. A career that will see you through to the second half of your life. The one prerequisite that Drucker gives for managing the second half of your life is that: You must begin long before you enter it. For me, that meant finding out what I could start doing, parallel to my full-time employment. I decided to pick up on the writing that I had in the past shelved.

Interestingly, in this digital age, writing is one of the skills that people have been able to make the most out of. Self-publishing has created opportunities for many people who would otherwise not have been able to do so. In the sixties, before you were be labeled a writer/author a number of obstacles had to be surpassed: from the difficult job of content research to trying to bag a publisher who was willing to look at your work. The digital age has changed all that with the click of a button.

Writing opportunities are much easier to come by, since discovering online content publication or writing opportunities with global exposure has been greatly simplified in this age.

I recently saw an advertisement for writers on my Instagram feed; something that can solely be credited to the digital age. The advertiser gave details of what kind of writing will be involved, hiring basis and gave an email address to send resume’s to. A classic digital age opportunity right there; I placed my application a couple of days later and who knows, I just could be well on my way to starting the career that will make up the second half of my life.


If you don’t tell your story, Google will tell it for you

 Joanne Tombrakos-Founder Joanne Tombrakos International

Big Companies understand the importance of brands. Today, in the age of the individual you have to be your own brand –

Tom Peters Fast Company

47% of us assume that people we meet will search for us online yet 62% have never used a search engine to look up their own name.

–Pew Internet-Public perceptions of privacy

Researching candidates via social media and other online sources has transformed from an emerging trend to a staple of online recruitment

-RoseMary Haefner-Chief Human Resource Officer, career builder

This is what the digital age experts have to say about managing yourself in this age. The idea that, you have an online presence and an online reputation to maintain has become embedded in the lives of millennials now more than ever before. There is no denying that someone who has plans to change careers, seek a public office or have an online voice must invest a whole lot more in the maintenance of an online presence in order to remain relevant.

This is my go at maintaining an online presence. How about you? How are you going about it? Do you think you need it?

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