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I Met Alex And He Gave Me An Idea

I met Alex and he gave me an idea

Technically speaking, Alex does not conform to any gender. This is according to the head of marketing at Jelly Vision, he/she has received marriage proposals from many of the people he/she has interacted with. But, because I’m a girl and it feels better for me if I refer to Alex as a boy…that’s what I’m going to do. JellyVision created Alex in 2009 and have been using him to communicate complex ideas and content.

As part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, we get to make visits to American businesses and communities to learn, share and discover areas of growth or similarities with our own work in Africa. A week ago we visited Jelly Vision, and this is where I was introduced to Alex.

Alex is your friendly and easy going employee communication software that walks employees through big life challenges like selecting a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, managing finances, and managing a leave of absence. HR guys like Alex a lot because he/she saves them time and the employees like Alex because he/she is easy to talk to and learn complex things like American insurance plans and personal finance.

If you have been around my website (which you should if you haven’t) you will know that one of my key passions is financial education, especially for the young folk. I have plans to create a curriculum for young people (14-25-year-olds) and build an app as well. Alex is just the kind of person I had in mind to make learning the basics of personal financial management fun and unburdensome for those who don’t yet realize that they need to learn this stuff. Alex from Jellyvision inspired the idea for the Demo Pitch day that climaxes all that we have learned from the Kellog School of Management.

So what exactly do I like about Alex?

  • He’s funny
  • He’s engaging and interactive
  • He provides a uniquely human touch by engaging on a one-on-one basis
  • He gets the job done

Alex gave me a picture of what it would look like to create an interactive online learning platform for financial management targeted at young people.

You want to meet too Alex right? Check him out in this video.

How else do you think young people can learn to take care of their finances? Talk to me in the comments section.



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