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The Mandela Washington Fellowship feeds off a long-standing African Tradition.

It has been a little over 3 weeks of the Mandela Washington Fellowship -MWF at Northwestern University. The three weeks have opened my eyes to some parallels that exist between MWF and a custom deeply embedded within African Cultural Traditions. I found this parallels interesting because MWF is set up to create an opportunity for young African leaders to experience American culture and the American way of doing things in the business, civic and public management space. The more I interact with my cohort fellows the more I realize that it works because we’re going through what is innately African.

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Demystifying Social Impact at Amani Institute

Is social impact just a buzzword?

I would like to think so. I mean, the idea of influencing something or people for the better is not really a new concept, so what’s the big idea with ‘social impact’?

That is what the guys over at Amani institute were trying to help me and a bunch of other curious people figure out.

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Financial Literacy in the Fintech Age

The goal of financial literacy is to empower an individual to make both effective and sound choices about the financial resources available. While the topics covered in a financial literacy class vary, a major point of discussion is always debt management. Learning to assess which lending products are affordable and manageable based on income.

While the growth and impact of financial technology are lauded as increasing access to financial services as well as credit to the bottom tier, its effects are still being monitored and so far there is much to be said about the effects of mobile lending apps.

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How do you know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em


I am not a gambler..neither is gambling an activity that I encourage. However, when I was thinking about this post the song by Kenny Rogers came to mind. Careers in this age are not the careers that our parents grew up with. While it was an achievement then to give your employer your whole life and retire from a company that literally hired you from school, things are not the same now. We are much more fluid with our career choices and decisions. But, even in that fluidity, it’s always a tough choice (almost a gamble) when you do decide to look for greener pastures. You never really know if walking away is going to work out to your advantage. Question is, how do we navigate that process?

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