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  • Extensive background in the banking industry
  • I held several roles from operations clerk, operations risk management, digital support analyst, and finance system analyst.
  • Worked on several projects that introduced new digital functionalities on the mobile banking platform for retail clients and online banking platform for corporate and commercial clients.
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  • Develop and launch a financial literacy game
  • Publish a devotional on the gospel of John
  • Finish my first book:- financial literacy for¬†teens and preteens
  • Walk, run, hike get my body moving as much as possible
  • Continue to talk to Jesus about what He wants me to do for Him
  • Develop a financial literacy curriculum for young people
  • Read minimum one book per week
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  • Attend my first Seamless East Africa conference
  • Book speaking engagements
  • Write for The Economist
  • Keynote a financial inclusion or financial literacy event
  • Give a Ted Talk
  • Positively¬†impact the lives of a billion++ people through my career
  • Travel and experience Africa